Design & Production


Thank You Card

I am a volunteer/instructor at The Vera Project Screen Printing Studio in the Seattle Center. Through this I am able to directly help build the creative community, but I also get the opportunity to do design work for The Vera Project through designing posters and t-shirts and other work that is printed in the studio.
This is a thank you card that I designed and printed for Vera that was sent out to all who contributed to the organisation. It features both my illustrations and hand lettering. I prepped the art for printing digitally and manually screen printed the cards myself which included a message on the back, formatted to be sent by mail.


Posters / Promotions

While working as the Front of House Manager and Designer at a Flying Apron, a small cafe/bakery in Fremont, I worked to recreate the company's graphic image through creating a consistent brand identity and style. This included creating a custom working typeface for the cafe, as well as starting the promotional practice of using posters and signage that identified both featured products as well as the company as a whole.
These are examples of a small campaign for the cafe as it was participating in a local vote for best gluten-free eatery. I was able to incorporate my skills in layout and typography as well as playing with format and promotional techniques. 



The Collected Work of Mr. Grey

A book of a series of illustrations that I worked on earlier in 2016. I worked with a local writer who contributed poetry to accompany the art throughout the book. With minimal content, I went through a few possible layouts/formats before choosing a simple set-up that worked best with the printing I had available.

It is a 9x9", 16-page, saddle-stitch book.


Cat Shit Crazy

This comic book was a collaboration of 8 different artists working within the same theme. I contributed two comics myself and personally laid the book out. I arranged the illustrations and comics to create a unified piece, and also created the cover for the collection which features digitally edited images, illustration, and a combination of hand-drawn and digital type. The cover is styled in working red-cyan 3D and the book was distributed with a pair of 3D glasses.

It is a 6.75x10.25", 28-page, saddle-stitch book.



My last project was a zine that I worked on with two other collaborators. We used the book as an ongoing endeavor to combine our work to create a cohesive piece. With writing from each of us and my illustrations we explored the theme of 'Respite'. We created a unique experience integrating contributions from other artists within our overall framework. We played with layout and typographic/visual systems to guide the reader through the book. I digitally laid out and printed the book myself.

It is a 8.5x5.5", 32-page, saddle-stitch book.